Wednesday, July 19, 2006


assalamu alaikum :)


the following is from an email i sent out:

as some of you may already know, inshallah today ill be heading off to europe where i will meet up with my cousins for a week and a half. now i tend to think of myself as being of the optimistic ilk, but the sunnah of the beloved prophet (saw) teaches us to hope for the best, while preparing for the worst. therefore, id like to ask for all of you to make dua that my journey brings me back home safely. and as always, keep those that are suffering daily around the world in your prayers, because when you pray for others, you are in essence praying for youself. though these goodbye emails have become quite cliched, i feel that theyre very important in that they give us all another chance to forgive and forget past mistakes and start anew. so please forgive me if i have ever hurt you guys in any way. may Allah help me overcome my shortcomings.

and Allah Almighty knows best.

masalama, your brother in islam
sheik speare