Thursday, May 18, 2006

outback steakhouse 'taps' into halal market

assalamu alaikum :)


i come to you with glad tidings, o clones.

this past week my sister referred me to an article in the houston chronicle regarding the halal restaurant business in america. the article discussed that many people were beginning to realize the potentially high profit margin in this sector, with the premise being that many restaraunts were beginning to cater to these needs. thus, the market was finally being "tapped" into. throughout the article, one tidbit jumped out at me:

"One American chain restaurant now offers halal at all its locations.

Outback Steakhouse began serving halal lamb, though Muslim customers have to make sure they don't get their vegetables dressed with "seasoned butter," which contains bacon in the seasoning, and avoid the cabernet sauce. The chain's supplier of lamb meat is a New Zealand-based company that follows halal standards because of its large business in the Middle East."
i couldnt find the original article on the chronicle's website, but i was able to find it on the dallas morning news website via google news. the paraghraph pertaining to outback steakhouse can be found near the end of the article. the chicago sun times also briefly mentioned it. if i can, ill scan the chronicle article and post it on here inshallah.

and Allah Almighty knows best.

masalama, your brother in islam
sheik speare