Saturday, November 01, 2008


assalamu alaikum :o)


the following are a couple of enlightening and thought-provoking aphorisms i heard during my previous two khutbahs.
  1. the khateeb cited an indian scholar's work, but i didnt catch the name, title of the work, or the quote verbatim. the scholar basically said that when a tree bears fruit, its branches are lowered. likewise, the more knowledge a person attains, the more he should lower himself. the idea being that as the tree increases in beauty and its ability to provide sustenance or assitance, it humbles itself. similary, knowledge should lead a person to "lower" oneself and be more humble. humility is an indicator of true knowledge.
    - 10.31.08

  2. "to sin is to self-oppress."
    - 10.24.08

and Allah Almighty knows best.

your brother.