Friday, July 18, 2008

khutba rant.

assalamu alaikum :o)


to have a vibrant and viable muslim community, it is vital to have a profound and enlightening khutbah on fridays. but last week, i had to endure one of the worst khutbas ever. i consider myself very tolerant when it comes to imams and sheikhs that migrated from overseas, simply because they tend to have a unique and more orthodox perspective due to their upbringing and education.

the purpose of a khutbah is to move the masses in such a way that they better themselves by reflecting upon the words of Allah, the teachings of Muhammad SAW, etc. but reaching this ideal becomes extremely detimental when the whole sermon is given in such a thick accent that the congregation has trouble deciphering and seperating the arabic from the urdu and the urdu from english. if thats not bad enough, the sermon had no organization or flow. from the outset it was painfully obvious that the khateeb had not prepared for the khutbah. even during the khutbah al hajaj he would take long pauses, as if to gather his thoughts, only to forget about them when delivering the next sentence.

as i have stated in earlier posts, the friday khutbah, sadly, is the only time of the week where many muslims are exposed to a sprinkle of islam. i completely understand why the prototype muslim american teenager may not enjoy listening to a khutbah or even entering the masjid because of khutbahs like this. with that being said, we shouldnt bend over backwards to accomodate the petty and trivial needs of such people. but its very important to not create an atmosphere where they think of attending the masjid as a punishment. rather, it should be a place where they want to go.

the desired and result would be to have let these sorts of imams lead the prayer, teach quran, and give lectures in their own language while they continue their education of the english language. such figures can still have quite a profound impact on the community. the roles they play need to be examined, defined, and narrowed so that their tools are used in an effective way, while the rest of the community can listen to a khutbah that they can understand and benefit from.

and Allah Almighty knows best.

your brother.