Sunday, September 19, 2010

"idle hands are..."

assalamu alaikum :o)


"idle hands are the devil's playground."

at some point in our lives, we've likely heard this. or at least some variation of it.

start to appreciate time for what it is. its a blessing. take advantage of it and see it as an opportunity to better yourself, be it for the dunya or the akhira.

because each moment we let go without doing something beneficial for ourselves is a moment wasted. each moment that you fail to act, someone else may very well be seizing that opportunity to surpass you, whether it be a fellow classmate studying for an exam in a curved class, a coworker diligently completing his project and earning a promotion, or a fellow brother in humanity earning ajr by feeding a starving child.

do not be distracted or mistaken by the blessing of free time. when the human mind is idle, it tends to engage in thoughts and actions counterproductive to your ultimate goals. stimulate your mind and you'll be in a much better place than you were previously.

our beloved prophet (saw) spoke to this when he said "there are two bounties of allah wherein most people are deceived: health and free time."

call me ryan seacrest. because i am out.


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